What Do We Do?

OPIATS creates cutting edge experiences for a variety of markets leveraging VR and AR technologies, the same game engines and tools used to make the best Xbox and PlayStation games, and even extremely rare Eastern European simulation tools that very few developers have access to. We have the expertise, tools, and contacts to make your project a success.

Here are just some of the things that we’re currently working on:

  • Create Interactive Photo-Realistic Architectural Visualization Experiences
  • Convert traditional Architectural Renderings Into VR Experiences
  • Learning Tools For Autistic Children
  • Experiential Marketing Pieces For Computer Manufacturers and Technology Companies
  • Training Simulations For Industry
  • Entertaining, Cutting-Edge Games For Both In-Home Enjoyment As Well As Location-Based Experiences (VR Arcades)
  • VR Travel Tours
  • Create Real-Time Animations and Graphics For Mixed Media and Film Projects
  • Real-Time Visual Effects For Traditional Media

*Everything in the gallery below is shown running real-time without the traditional rendering associated with 3D software, and game engines.


We amaze clients by building gorgeous, interactive experiences across all industries - driving higher conversion rates for new real estate developments, creating the experience of being inside pioneering architecture, design and interior projects, to thrill seeking surreal experiential marketing videos to hanging out with your favorite celebrities and musicians.

Our solutions take your project from design to showroom to boardroom to mass multimedia ready. From your corporate website, to your customer’s phone and home.  

We not only engage your audience, we empower them to connect and interact with your brand and move them towards conversion.


Our technology is so seamless, each project provides: real-time renderings, high quality 360-degree video (which is much better quality than the solutions involving cameras), can be shared on Facebook and YouTube, and played in VR across the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard for iOS and Android, Google Daydream, and PlayStation VR. Virtual reality allows the user direct interaction in a virtual 3D environment experiencing your brand through self-discovery.

And of course - we create traditional static renderings, 2D versions of videos and the PC and mobile applications to accommodate those without a headset.

Whether showcasing a project to the public at large or an institutional investor, our commitment is to make your project a compelling experience.


We use the latest Real-Time rendering tools to make everything we do responsive and immediate. 

While most visualization firms in the world design and build a space, then send that project off to be rendered on a server somewhere for hours - if not days in some instances - everything we do has immediate results, with quicker turnaround times, fantastic visual fidelity, and a workflow that allows clients to interact with their space unlike the traditional static renderings used throughout the industry. Because of the tools used, we are able to allow users to change fabrics, wall and flooring materials/patterns, change the time of day and walk all throughout a space, in addition to provide high resolution still images, videos, and physical installations for lead generation in sales centres.

For special-purpose projects, our platform of choice is designed specifically with real-world scale and applications.


We take great care to create work that sets the bar in terms of visuals. Every asset that we create is built with the intent to share at high resolutions in all manner of applications - from billboards, to magazines, to video walls, to the web.

Every material we create is procedurally generated to support up to 16K resolution output and includes High Dynamic Range color support. Our process is fully future-proofed for any number of output scenarios available now and in the future.


Looking at a still, static render is no longer enough to excite and engage your target audience. 

We use technology to become more efficient and more relevant to your customer. The sales process has changed dramatically, it is not linear and begins long before any visit to your office.  You need to go to where your customers live...on their phone. And deliver your message in such a way to awaken a response and action.

Paramount to feeling confident in a new investment such as purchasing a home, leasing a warehouse, or breaking ground on a development that's only been sketched out is to really experience being inside the space, and imagining the possibilities of design, furniture and lifestyle inherent with that investment. Letting people feel and see the next version of themselves.


Every project we take on is delivered as an interactive responsive 360-degree experience that can be viewed on computer and mobile web browsers, if you own a VR headset at home, or for your phone such as Google Cardboard - you can immerse yourself in the space to get a grand sense of scale as well. In sales centers we allow for the customization of a space according to palettes and swatches chosen by developers/interior designers to allow users to change out furniture, fabrics, and wall/floor surfaces on the fly to create their dream space, that also becomes an up-sell and lead generation tool.

Our touch screen installations allow prospective buyers and investors to explore rendered spaces with unparalleled freedom. Fly around, walk through a home, customize furniture, switch fabrics and materials on the floors or walls.

Once a user has customized a space to their liking in a sales center, our touch screen installation systems will create branded still renders on the spot from pre-chosen angles showcasing the space of their design. This creates an opportunity for the sales center to follow up with an email presenting their chosen portfolio of personalized design choices, thus creating a tactful and warm lead generation tool.