About Us

If you can dream it, OPIATS can build it. 

Not sure how to engage your audience in more impactful ways? 

We amaze clients by building transformative and interactive experiences across all industries - driving higher conversion rates for new real estate developments, creating the experience of being inside pioneering architecture, design and interior projects, to thrill seeking surreal experiential marketing videos to hanging out with your favorite music artist at a VR Block Party.

Long are the days of relying on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to tell your story. Technology has made Customer Experience King!

OPIATS is a game changer in the world of immersive 'Real' time 3D Photo Realistic Visualization. We offer the highest quality rendering technologies for digital simulations and Virtual Reality, the go-to platform for today's consumer looking for dynamic and engaging experiences. We inspire playfulness and interaction with your brand.

Our solutions take your project from design to showroom to boardroom to mass multimedia ready. From your corporate website, to your customer’s phone and home.  

We produce all our projects in high quality formats 4K/8K to take advantage of multiple marketing platforms and events, including: corporate website, mass media advertising, conferences, industry events, permanent VR or touch screen installations in sales and corporate offices.

We not only engage your audience, we empower them to connect and interact with your brand and move them towards conversion.

Our technology is so seamless, each project provides; real-time renderings, high quality 360-degree video which much better quality than the solutions involving cameras, can be shared on Facebook and YouTube, and played in VR across the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard for iOS and Android, Google Daydream, and PlayStation VR. VR allows the user direct interaction in a virtual 3D environment experiencing your brand through self-discovery.

And of course - we create traditional static renderings, 2D versions of videos and the PC and mobile applications to accommodate those without a headset.

Whether showcasing to the public at large or an institutional investor, our commitment is to make your project a compelling experience - ALL provided at prices never before seen in the industry, and ALL work completed with OPIATS team and not outsourced to overseas 3rd Parties.