Drake Volumetric VR Real-Time Concert Performance

Who are OPIATS?

If you can dream it, OPIATS can build it. We amaze clients by building transformative and interactive experiences across all industries - driving higher conversion rates for new real estate developments, creating the experience of being inside pioneering architecture, design and interior projects, to thrill seeking surreal experiential marketing videos to hanging out with your favorite music artist at a VR Block Party. OPIATS is a game changer in the world of immersive 'Real' time 3D Photo Realistic Visualization. We offer the highest quality rendering technologies for digital simulations and Virtual Reality, the go-to platform for today's consumer looking for dynamic and engaging experiences. We inspire playfulness and interaction with your brand.

Who is Andre Elijah?

Andre is a multi-disciplinary, award winning creative, technologist, and New Media Graduate from Toronto, Canada.

Currently working in the world of Virtual Reality, Andre is creating branded experiences in the world of Virtual Reality, and working to make the medium more accessible to the masses. Andre has spoken at the Canadian Real Estate Association on the merits of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, as well as VR World Congress in Bristol, on creating Magical experiences for brands and consumers in VR.

Having previously worked in both the Film and Finance industries, Andre has built a reputation for cutting edge technical projects. Andre led the technical elements of both production and post-production on Beyoncé's Live at Roseland concert DVD which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and served as the FIRST 10 camera multi-cam shoot of its kind on the RED Digital Cinema Camera system. Andre has also gone on to build high performance computing, and disaster recovery infrastructure, specifically for high frequency trading financial systems.

Some of his past clients include: ONEX Real Estate Partners, Monarch Homes, Minto, Pinnacle, Fernbrook, Tribute Homes, Cityzen Development Group, BuzzBuzz Home, the Michael Jackson estate, Sony, Canon Camera, HBC, University of Toronto, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Atom Egoyan, and Beyonce.


The piece will be delivered using Unreal Engine 4, or Autodesk Stingray as the game engine of choice based on considerations for final delivery (Mobile Requirements, PlayStation VR, Desktop Web Browser, etc.). Materials will be created in line with Physically Based Rendering principles, leveraging Allegorithmic’s Substance technology.

Technical Partners and Relationships:

OPIATS counts AMD, and epic games among its technical partners, bringing VR experiences rooted in great architecture to life.

Time Invested:

Thus far, three months of work have been invested in creating the concept piece, Drizzy Manor. The process included creating 3D engineering models based on blueprints and floor plans in the public domain. Once those models were completed, the models were then simplified and brought into Unreal Engine 4 to be given life through interactivity, furniture, and decoration.

Concept Piece Details:

Drizzy Manor is the latest interactive architectural visualization project from OPIATS, a VR-focused studio based out of Toronto, Canada. Drizzy Manor is inspired by the listing of international superstar Drake’s custom $35 million home, appearing on Buzz Buzz Home in 2016.

In the past year, blueprints and dollhouse renderings have been made available for the proposed development of the home and can be found in the public domain in news articles from The Toronto Star, and The BBC among others. While they've given an idea of what the home could look like, they didn't lend themselves to demonstrating the immense scale of the project. We took it upon ourselves to have a little bit of fun bringing the plans into VR with the use of Unreal Engine 4 and lay the foundation for what could be a fun, and intimate concert that could take place in the comfort and excess of Drake’s custom-built home.

This project is just an example of use-cases for video game engines like Unreal Engine 4, and the power of Virtual Reality, placing people in extraordinary situations and places that they wouldn’t otherwise get to enjoy.

Comprised of over 7,500 objects – the scene is rendered 100% in real-time, being dynamically lit, relying on Unreal Engine 4’s Global Illumination system.

Possible Locations for an intimate concert:

Two ideal locations for an intimate VR concert would be the backyard and pool area, or the custom basketball court. Both provide enough space to accentuate the grandeur exhibited in the life of the world’s biggest rap star, as well as intimate enough to create a special experience for his fans.