Real-Time ArchViz

Architectural Visualization (ArchViz) renderings are a staple of the construction and new-homes business. From renders showcasing basic designs of homes, to marketing collateral that fills the side of the building - every real estate development or architectural design gets rendered at some point as a still image.

Unfortunately the process of creating them is the same as it always was:

  • Create a 3D model of a space
  • Apply Materials
  • Render
  • Sit and wait for anywhere from six hours to a few days for a single image to be produced at a high resolution

The industry deserves better than that!

OPIATS specializes in creating 3D spaces from scratch, or taking the project files for your favorite portfolio pieces (3DS Max/Maya project files, Vray/Arnold/Maxwell texture maps, etc.) and bring everything together in our real-time photo-realistic simulation engine for immediate and truly interactive results.

Unlike game engines that are being co-opted by ArchViz studios for workloads they were never meant to perform (and don't do well) - our tools:

  • Can handle scenes with tens or even hundreds of thousands of individual components with no slow-down
  • Don't require "light bakes" or renders of any kind
  • Allow the user to change the time of day and maintain maximum visual quality
  • Allow the user to walk around the entire space without worrying about a room not being rendered properly
  • Can export images up to 16K
  • Can easily export 360 degree photo-spheres for virtual, web-based tours 
  • Can export video fly-throughs of the space 
  • Can perform real-time ray-tracing like what traditional renderers do, but in real-time

Bar none, our prices are the best in the industry, and our work is sure to impress your customers!

If you're in need of any sort of architectural renderings, or interactive portfolio pieces give us a shout!